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When can I drive?

You can drive as long as you are not on any narcotic pain medication.

What kind of anesthesia is being used?

There are several different types of anesthesia that can be used depending on the type of procedure you are having, some examples are MAC (monitored anesthesia), General anesthesia, and local anesthesia. You will discuss this in more detail with your surgeon at your pre-op appointment.

Do I have to be Covid-19 tested?

ALL Scheduled surgeries require Covid testing five days prior to the procedure. When your surgery is scheduled you will receive a call from the Covid scheduling department at the hospital and they will schedule you a test date and time. The office does not do any of the Covid scheduling.

Who does the procedure?

The procedure is done by the surgeon that you see in the clinic or hospital prior to surgery. There are four surgeons within NIS if for any reason your surgeon cannot perform the surgery one of the other qualified surgeons in the group may do your surgery this rare but can happen.

Can I shower?

Yes, you can shower post-operatively and it is encouraged to do so.

What happens after discharge?

After your procedure and discharge from the hospital, you should call the office to set up post-op appointment with your surgeon that performed the surgery.

Where does the surgery take place?

The surgery can take place at St Vincent Hospital main campus on 86th st. We also operate at the Carmel Surgery Center.

Will I have pain post op?

Depending on the type of procedure, your surgeon will prescribe pain medication and or pain regimen techniques for postoperative relief. We cannot make your pain go away completely. We want your pain to be low enough that you can eat, drink, walk around and sleep comfortably, but we cannot make it disappear. A pain goal of zero is not realistic. It may take dangerous amounts of pain medication to reach zero.

Who do I call after hours?

Each Surgeon takes their own calls from patients M-F and on the weekends there is always a surgeon on call for the group. You will call the main line 317-872-1158 an answering service operator will answer your call and direct you to the surgeon.

How do I schedule my surgery?

First, you will need an office appointment with one of our four surgeons. Once you have had your appointment and you and the surgeon have agreed upon what needs to be scheduled. The office scheduler will give you a call.

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